Release – OMMO – Plutesc In Aer

A beautiful wavy and aerial track by our Romanian artist. Playing with different beats sections, he brings up various patterns to make a never ending evolving sound. Some chord progressions and varied string melodies also add a touch to the micro-house groove that he creates. A great track to transition on a long-hour dynamic set.  


Release – Ben Lee – Try Me 

A soulful and powerful release brought to us by Ben Lee, one of or main artists from Turkey. He uses a seemless lo-fi texture with crushed hihats and melancholic voices. It’s also combined with a background acid vibe that keeps rising throughout the song. A masterpiece of its own.


Release – CIRI – Lira

Lira is a banger track created by our Italian artist CIRI. A tune made from a typical micro-house rythm, stripped with a huge compression and endless shapes of hits and claps. A superb introduction track for a DJ set, to get your crowd pumped and going. 


Release – VPR – Dui Dui

A strong release by our pioneer artist: VPR. He brings the minimal style to a whole different level with this distorted sound and layered effects. It throws us back to a breakbeat dynamic. Textures are on point, with a harmonic synth and many drum kicks.